President Obama recently changed his position on the issue of gay marriage.  This adds an interesting twist to the upcoming presidential election between himself and Mitt Romney.

One of the big criticisms against Romney is that he has flip-flopped on his positions in the past.  This could have been an area of attack for the Obama campaign.  However, with this quite public reversal, Obama may have given away this advantage.

There may be some strategic advantages to this change of heart though.  It could serve as a distraction issue.  It may be better for Obama’s election hopes if the country debates the merits of gay marriage instead of the state of the economy for example.  Additionally, if the majority of Americans are currently in favor of gay marriage, this may become an even greater advantage to Obama than Romney’s past flip-flops.

The upcoming election, with gay marriage as a hot topic, and a Mormon running for office, could make for a very interesting season for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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