After all the grumbling and accusations I've heard from critics of the Church over the City Creek Center (the big new mall in downtown Salt Lake City), I put on my spiritual flak jacket and went to downtown Salt Lake City during a brief visit to see the tragedy for myself. My testimony somehow came out unscathed. OK, it helps knowing a little about the purpose of the Mall (giving back to the community to create jobs, reducing urban blight, and making the downtown Salt Lake City area hosting Church headquarters more vibrant and healthy) and the facts about the money (not tithing money). But there's nothing like seeing, and tasting, for one's self. I really enjoyed the visit, though I'm not into shopping and mall scenes. But this is much more interesting than just a mall. It's a beautiful, innovative, artfully landscaped and designed center that makes the downtown much more of an attraction.  I asked an ex-Mormon friend who is a successful and highly connected businessman what he thought of the Mall. He gave it a thumbs up for having a strong positive impact on the economy. Looks like the mission is being accomplished. Lots of people having fun and lots of employees having good work. Not bad.

Here are a few photos. More photos are on my webpage at  Click to enlarge.


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