With yesterday's long awaited release of the Mormon Mommy blogs interview with Julie Beck, via the Mormon Channel, which prompted speculation about a possible release today, I'm sad to say 'they' were right. I've loved Sister Beck's inspired counsel over these past five years and will forever credit her for the inspired work on Daughters in My Kingdom. She has left a legacy for every sister in Relief Society, which so many of us already cherish. For me personally, she was/is a modern-day prophetess. Her power and spirit are emblazoned upon our hearts, and forever we are knit together as sisters in Christ.

 One thing those of us who have been members of the Church, for many years, knows, is that with every call there comes a release. Although such knowledge and acceptance does not always make it easy. Another thing I have learned is that God is in control, and it's now time to move foreward and welcome our new general Relief Society president, Linda Burton. She and her two counselors will need all of our prayers to sustain them in the great work they have been called to do.

About Linda K. Burton:
Linda Burton was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Morris Ashton and Marjorie Castleton Kjar. She is the second child of six, having two sisters and three brothers. She met and married Craig Palmer Burton in 1973 when she was studying elementary education at the University of Utah. Brother and Sister Burton are the parents of six children—one son and five daughters—and have sixteen grandchildren (eight girls and eight boys).

Sister Burton accompanied her family as a teenager when her father presided over the New Zealand South Mission. She has been privileged to work in the Primary, Young Women, Relief Society, and Sunday School auxiliaries as well as serving for a brief time as a seminary teacher. She and her husband recently returned from Korea, where he presided over the Korea Seoul West Mission. LDS.org

I have a testimony that Sister Burton's call is to work equally along side of our priesthood leaders, and under their direction, to accomplish the exact same work of Lord -- and to accomplsh it with power. I look forward to hearing from her in General Conference on Sunday. What a thrill that will be, to feel her spirit and allow the Spirit to confirm her call to our hearts. I trust that each of us will be blessed with that gift.

It is no small thing to be called to lead the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are living during a time that women, even within the Church, struggle to find their place in the world -- and even understand their roll as women in the Church. It requires strong, faithful and powerful women to lead us. As LDS women we respect strong, spritual leadership. Dare I say we crave it? We need a woman who we know is inspired of the Lord -- and these are exactly the kinds of women that the Lord is setting before us in these Latter-days. I'm excited to get to know Sister Burton and her counselors.

As we say thank you to Sister Beck, and her counselors, we thank them for their inspired service and tremendous examples of faithful daughters of God -- and welcome our new leadership with enthusiasm as we go forward to continue this extraordinary work that the Lord has placed before us.


Kathryn Skaggs

LDS Newsroom:  

New Presiding Bishopric, Relief Society Presidency and General Authorities Announced at Mormon General Conference
"Sister Linda K. Burton was serving as a member of the Relief Society general board when she received her call to serve as the organization’s president. In her Church callings, she spent three years serving with her husband as he presided over the Korea Seoul West Mission. They returned from Korea in 2010. She also served on the Primary general board, and in various callings in the Young Women, Primary, Sunday School and as a seminary teacher."

Sister Julie B. Beck answered member questions, on the Mormon Channel, about how to best spend our leisure time, focusing on activities from what kinds of books we read, movies we watch, and of great interest to this WBMW -- the subject of blogging -- discussed in detail.

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ: The Beckoning of Sister Beck
"My parents taught me not to put anyone on a "pedestal," but in my mind and heart Sister Julie B. Beck keeps making her way up there for me with every word of wisdom that spills forth from her lips!"

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