I love, love, love this time of year.  I love General Conference not only for the wonderful instruction and spiritual messages that are shared, but also because it is a time for family. So, as I looked for ideas from other smart chicks and roosters, I wanted to share some of the ideas that I quite liked.  Get you 'stuff' ready  and Print your favorites now as you get ready for a great General Conference weekend!

1.  Make a fort for Children and Grandchildren to do quiet activities in.
Image courtesy of Flux Capacitor @blogspot
2.  Print off games and coloring pages from lds.org
3.  Packets from Nursery to Adolescents from Sugardoodle
4.  "Stat Guess" which you should print off and have ready for the Saturday Afternoon Session when the statistics of the Church are given  (from"Lady Create-a-lot").  See the link for your printable here.
5. Conference Train:  This is a great idea. Having pictures of the Prophets, Apostles, and other subjects such as families and Temples and put on a little train car.  As the speaker or subject is comes up, that little train car is added to the train. The author also suggests have a few blank cars for additional subjects.
6. Conference Baggies:  Put a picture of a Church leader on a baggie with little treats or games.  When that Leader speaks, that would be the time when that baggie may be opened.  The Author suggests having a trash can near by for wrappers or 'activities that get out of hand'. (I thought that was a really good point!  Most of us can relate to that!)
7.  Fill in the Blank activity Pages. These are already made up and are in PDF form for printing.
8.  If you want to make your own Crossword Puzzles, you can. Not only can you put in topics and the names of our leaders, but you could sneak in little messages. Things like names of family members or what you are going to have for lunch after a session might be fun.  Go here to make your own.  
9.  An awesome Memory Game to learn more about the Prophets and Apostles
10. For those who like to Journal during General Conference, consider the wonderful Journal page designs here.  You will find something that everyone should like!

So, get your printers ready.......set.......Print!

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