In the midst of moving to China last year, I missed this important announcement from the Church regarding immigration and undocumented residents. I find it interesting and fair. In addition to a kind approach for those already in the U.S. or other nations illegally, I would prefer some additional steps, such as better securing of our borders (even without using advanced technology and tall fences, with our huge armies, this would so much easier than invading nations on the other side of the globe!). I would also propose a much more generous immigration policy for those of many nations seeking to be productive, law-abiding citizens. Anyway, here is the June 10, 2011 statement from the Church on immigration. I believe this press release expresses the reasonable views of Church leaders on a difficult issue and agree that we should take heed, while also exploring improved ways to deal with the complexities of illegal immigration and its implications on health care, spending, taxation, elections, etc. And please, can we open the door for more nations to come and share the vision of American, in addition to many skills and talents that we really need?
Immigration: Church Issues New Statement
The history of mass expulsion or mistreatment of individuals or families is cause for concern especially where race, culture, or religion are involved. This should give pause to any policy that contemplates targeting any one group, particularly if that group comes mostly from one heritage.

As those on all sides of the immigration debate in the United States have noted, this issue is one that must ultimately be resolved by the federal government.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is concerned that any state legislation that only contains enforcement provisions is likely to fall short of the high moral standard of treating each other as children of God.

The Church supports an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law and continue to work without this necessarily leading to citizenship.

In furtherance of needed immigration reform in the United States, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports a balanced and civil approach to a challenging problem, fully consistent with its tradition of compassion, its reverence for family, and its commitment to law.
I'm a foreigner living in China, and really appreciate the kindness I receive here and the surprising freedom that I enjoy, as well as the privilege of working in one of the coolest cities on earth. But if you're thinking of coming here, please don't even think of doing it illegally. The law is taken very seriously here, as it usually should be.
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