As the year draws to a close, it occurred to me that it might be helpful for me (and interesting to you as readers) to review some of the highlights of the year on my blog. With the help of Google’s handy analytics tool, it was a simple matter to find out which of my posts from 2011 got the highest number of pageviews. (The widget on my sidebar only compiles them on a rolling monthly basis, not a yearly basis.)

Reader’s top 10 favorite posts from 2011 (in order from highest number of pageviews to lowest)

  1. Why did God choose the rainbow as a token of His covenant with Noah?
  2. In the beginning there was taxonomy...
  3. Book of Mormon war chapters help us defend against pornography
  4. 84 blog posts collected as a Book of Mormon commentary
  5. Things that make my brain explode inside my skull
  6. 14 things I loved about general women's conference 2011
  7. 16 ways to mark your scriptures
  8. A dire prophecy fulfilled
  9. Important Counsel from President Monson’s Apr. 2011 talk “The Holy Temple—A Beacon to the World”
  10. Temple symbolism to ponder

Next, I give you a list of posts from 2011 that I consider my favorites. If I was to write “the small plates of Michaela” using only material from this year, these posts are ones that I would choose (presented in no particular order).

The Small Plates of Michaela in 2011

There has to be backstory to Captain Moroni’s meteoric rise

Importance of frequent provisioning

Lessons from Alma 55: changed loyalties, impulse control, causes of carelessness, and winey Lamanites

Helaman’s insight into helping others keep covenants

Why both “salt of the earth” and “light of this people”?

The great Nephite prayer party of 3 Nephi 19

Why D&C 122 holds more encouragement for us than we think

Secrets of God’s grace

Hyrum Smith’s insight for enduring martyrdom

Lessons about resisting Satan from Moses 1

Enoch tells of Adam’s baptism and how God taught Adam the gospel

How the account of Jesus's suffering helps me have faith

They took them wives even as they chose

To increase my love of the Lord

Don’t give up your objectives

Lessons from Peter’s deliverance from prison in Acts 12

Why did God choose the rainbow as a token of His covenant with Noah?

Let the Lord encourage you

The angel’s prophecy to Nephi of the coming events of the church in the latter days

2 Nephi 8: Jacob quotes Isaiah 51 to teach about death and the resurrection (not just the gathering)

The woman at the well: A character study

And not faint

The Pride of Our Eyes

Insights on the twelve chapters of Isaiah (2 Nephi 12-24) quoted in 2 Nephi

Strong as to the strength of men

Thus it whispereth me to do according to his will

Christ shared how He resisted temptation

While shepherds watched their flocks by night

We are come to worship him

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