Home for the holidays and want to enjoy some family history?

You can quickly create a family history fan chart to visually see your genealogy through the new website CreateFan.com.

You can log in using your LDS Account and the website pulls your family history data from FamilySearch.org to create a 9-generation genealogy chart in a colorful fan pattern that lets you visually see your ancestors. The chart separates each family line by a different color and you can see at a glance which names are missing.

For more charts, there is a link to TreeSeek.com where you have access to more kinds of charts:

  • The 9-generation fan chart mentioned above.
  • A 9-generation standard pedigree chart.
  • A 10-generation alternate pedigree chart.
  • Name clouds that show the frequency of specific names in your generational line. (More common names appear larger.) You can choose 3 different word clouds: full name, surname only, or first name only.

These charts make family history come to life. The other day, my son and his wife came over to look through our genealogy records for a possible name for their new baby girl. They were very excited to see the word cloud of first names in our family line.

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