Last Sunday during the Christmas devotional, the First Presidency announced the publication of new videos portraying the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We published an article about how to access these videos on the website in English (, Spanish (, and Portuguese (

We also mentioned that a free iPad app would be available through the App Store in about a week.

Well, the week us up and the app is now available in the App Store on your iPad and on iTunes.

The app has 3 sections: Read, Watch, and Explore.

  • Read lets you read Bible passages that describe the events surrounding the birth of the Savior, while beautiful still images illustrate the passage. You can also choose to have the text read to you.
  • Watch allows you to view all the videos. There are currently 7 and new videos will be added monthly, totaling over 100 videos ranging from the birth of Jesus Christ to his resurrection.
  • Explore allows you to select a place on a virtual map and read historical facts about the events that occurred in that location.

The app is currently available in English for the iPad only.

Learn more about the free mobile app “The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos.”

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