While in Korea last week, my wife and I attended an old inner city unit of the Church in a hilly downtown area. There we met Brother Cho and his wife, shown below. He was the first bishop in the entire land of Korea. He was so warm and friendly and made us feel right at home. The Korean people are remarkably friendly, but he was especially so. The photos below show their little church building and Brother and Sister Cho, plus a view looking down from above.

That downtown unit went from being a ward to a branch since so many families have moved out to the suburbs recently. I felt the downtown area of Seoul was beautiful and highly livable, but it may also be too expensive and a challenge for raising children, so the exodus to the suburbs has been pretty strong for people with children. In spite of the exodus, there had just been a convert baptism of a young woman the week before and a young man in college, a bright MBA student, was getting baptized the day we were there. Cool.

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