The photo below, unmodified except for resizing and adding my name, was taken during a car wash in Appleton, Wisconsin, back when we still had cars. Now we're carless, living in China. The foam looked interesting so I whipped out my camera and took a shot as my dirty vehicle was being cleaned. It was cool, but the real beauty was in the details when I looked at the image later. When I zoomed in to different parts of the image, as shown in the two other enlargements below, the interplay of light, water, and foam on the mirror was really delightful.

The Gospel is that way, including the Book of Mormon, the LDS Temple, and many other parts of our journey. There is much more than meets the eye initially, many gems that only come into view when we dig and zoom in, or, when it comes to service, when we magnify our calling and see the hand of the Lord there to help us.

The Gospel is so true, so beautiful, but a careless observer might just see what we have as a wet dirty vehicle and miss the beauty that is being unfolded in the Lord's process of cleaning and refining.

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