Last Thursday, we told you about the October special issue of the Liahona and Ensign magazines about the Book of Mormon.

Then, on Saturday, we provided information about a member-initiated effort called the 2nd Annual Book of Mormon YouTube Challenge, where a newly-produced video on the Book of Mormon will be available on September 30.

Here are additional ways you may wish to consider to share the message of the Book of Mormon this year:

  • Follow along at the event’s website or at and participate in the viewing and sharing of the video on September 30.
  • If you have access to a blog or web page, describe how the Book of Mormon has influenced your life. Then share your blog or webpage on Facebook.
  • Embed the video directly into your website or blog. Once you’ve played the video, you will see the link to “Share” the video, with an option to “Embed.” Simply copy the embed code and paste it in the appropriate spot on your website or blog.
  • Share your thoughts about the Book of Mormon on the Facebook BOMYT Challenge Fan Page, then “Share” your post to your Facebook wall. Doing so will allow your Facebook friends to see your interest in the Book of Mormon.
  • Send your thoughts and witness of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ through the Share Your Beliefs Form at, with a photo if desired, and they will post it to the site.
  • Share the video link to your post on your website, blog, or Facebook page.
  • Direct people to to learn more about the Book of Mormon.

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