I’d like to highlight this Church piece on “Worshipping Through Art.”

It talks about displaying sacred art or viewing sacred art as a form of worship. I’m sure we all grok creating sacred art as a form of worship, but the piece goes beyond that in an interesting way. Historically Western art grew up in the cathedrals. But in the 19th century the art religion made widespread the idea that high art was itself a holy thing. So by displaying paintings and statuettes and other forms usually associated with high art, we’re closing the circle. A painting of Christ says “I consider Christ to be sacred.” More prosaically, displaying art is worship the same way that scripture study or testimony-sharing is worship.

Also interesting in the piece was the news that the Church is making an effort to digitize and distribute copies of various artworks for display.

Note: the piece is illustrated with what may be the cheesiest, most kitschy LDS painting of the age.

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