The summer isn't over yet, which means you probably still have a few weddings to attend. What to wear? Why, a perfectly sleek Mad Men-esque dress! This dress is vintage but Banana Republic has teamed up with Janie Bryant, the costume designer for the hit AMC 1960's television drama, and is offering Mad Men inspired clothing. You'll find the line full of lovely, ladylike dresses and skirts that will give you that polished, retro look. You can also easily go online to sites like or Ebay and find the real deal - actual fabulous vintage dresses from the 1960's.


Liz said...
I heard the model in this picture just had a baby or something. And look at that waist! Totally unfair... Gorgeous. Love this dress.
Stephanie said...
This is exactly what I wish I could wear everyday of the week, not just on Sunday! I love this sort of sheath dress with sleeves. This is beautiful. Thanks again!

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