I'm not a hugely artistic person when it comes to the visual arts. I have a hard time drawing stick figures. I'm aware, though, that pictures have a huge impact, especially with blogs, and I think it's ironic that I never use pictures...

I got an email from Travis Washburn the other day, letting me know about a site he has started called the Helaman Gallery. He does photography of LDS temples and makes the electronic proofs available for free on his website -

He wanted me to do a shout-out for his site. I wasn't sure if I would, but then I realized that maybe this was an opportunity to bridge the visual (and moral) gap I've been facing. Pictures are amazing, and uber-commonplace. Most blogs written in the gay world, and most blogs in the Mormon world, and most blogs in the gay Mormon world where they overlap, use pictures. But I don't feel like I can use the same types of pictures. Mormon blogs post pictures of their kids and their craft stuff (usually done by women). Gay blogs... um... they often post blatant pornography. And many gay Mormon blogs post pictures that are on the edge - way too provocative to be benign. Then there's the issue of copyright and giving credit and everything else.

So I'll try this. Awesome temple pictures to remind me and everyone else what our ultimate goal is - and the reason that (Gay) Mormon Guy exists in the first place. Here's the first one. Enjoy. Art by

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