I am on this kick where I like to try cooking my Sunday Dinner from items I have in my Food Storage.  Today is not different.  Today, we had Fish Taco's and they were good!

This is Salsa that I had canned myself.

I don't consider this cheating!  I purchase the uncooked Tortilla's at Costco and freeze them.  I have made my own in the past and will still do so. But in a pinch, I like to use these. 

I drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from my storage) on to a pan and heated it. 

I realize this doesn't look that fabulous, but here I am using my 'grill pan' to grill the fish.  I could have easily done this on my grill as well.  The fish can marinate in whatever you prefer. I used lemon juice and a few spices today...again all from my Food Storage. This Tilapia (fish) was also in my Freezer....and is part of my Food Storage.  After it is cooked, shred with a fork and place the fish in a serving dish. 

I used some fresh lettuce, but you could also use cabbage (soaked in a little vinegar....depending upon your preference).  Here is a taco ready to go.  This didn't take long at all to make.

See, Food Storage is really convenient and delicious!  Try something new today!

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