. . . Regarding Evolution.

When I criticize the Bush and Obama administrations for their spendthrift budget policies, it does not mean that I am anti-government.

When I express discontent with BYU Idaho’s non-shorts policy and BYU Provo's non-beard policy, it does not mean that I am anti BYU.

When I criticize the Utah Jazz for not picking Jimmer, it does not mean that I am anti-Jazz.

When I express discontent with my employer's new immunization policy requiring all healthcare employees to get flu shots, I am not being anti-healthcare.

On the contrary, I support the government, I support BYU, I cheer for the Jazz, and I support my employer.

Finally, when I criticize evolutionists for saying that evolution across life forms and common descent have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I am not being anti-evolution.  On the contrary, I support macroevolutionary research and evolution education in schools. Furthermore, I am a dye-in-the-wool microevolutionist.

It seems that every time I post an evolutionary article, someone criticizes me for being anti-evolution. Such criticisms are misguided. In science there is no “You are either 100% with us or against us” attitude. This attitude smacks of scientific dogma and is oppressive to critical thinking, a hallmark of science. Science should adopt a tentative stance toward all theories, even those that have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, because, as history has shown, theories are not perfect.

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