As I hear people talk about politics I often judge that what the are forwarding is not some viable utopia that would benefit everyone.  What they are doing is expressing their own self-interest as political commentary.  I admit that my political preferences are my own self interests – so I usually keep my opinions to myself.

So, I consider myself to be politically conservative.  I feel that I would prefer smaller, more fiscally conservative government.  But hey, I’m a white guy with a good education and a decent job.  If I were in a completely different situation, my political opinions would likely be radically different from what they are.  This is a good sign that what I have is not a solid political philosophy, it is just self-interest.  It is therefore not usually valuable enough to share.

I would suggest trying something.  The next time you hear someone spreading their politics, or you think about spreading your own, evaluate the possibility that it is just forwarding self-interests and nothing more.

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