While we need to constantly warn against sin and the many problems we humans inflict on one another, I'm so grateful for the abundance of goodness that can be found in the average person--or perhaps the above average person, the kind we keep running into here in China. We've experienced so much kindness from so many people. In spite of the temptations people face that lead to sins of selfishness, the altruistic and friendly parts of the human soul are so delightful and so abundant in the world.

Sometimes Christians express the notion that without believing in God, people's behavior would inherently be evil. I think Christians and atheists alike are subject to the same sins and weaknesses. But we are all sons and daughters of God with a divine heritage and a foundation of goodness in our souls that can shine past the deficiencies of our upbringing and reveal something wonderful. It's so great to see that in so many people here and almost anywhere. On this journey that I'm on, the kindness of strangers means so much more and reveals the goodness of people more than ever. It's a reminder each day that we really are brothers and sisters. May we reach out and help one another regardless of our circumstances and culture.

Update: As examples of our adventures, I've been impressed first of all with how kind the people are where I work. China is a high-pressure place with great demands on people, yet the HR folks and my co-workers have gone the extra mile to help me get squared away, avoid paying too much for things, find resources I need, etc. But just total strangers on the street are friendly and helpful. They will take time out to help you find a place or figure out how to do something. The older women selling food or other things are just so sweet and loving--like having your own grandmother on every street. Love this place.
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