The time has come for another brilliant Temple Studies symposium, this one appropriately themed: “The Temple Hidden in the Bible” in light of this year’s commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Symposium V will be held on Saturday 2 July 2011, 10am-4pm at the Temple Church, London. For more details, please see the TSG website:

As the International SBL meeting is being held the following week, also in London, anyone attending ISBL should make sure that they do not miss out on the opportunity to attend the Temple Studies symposium as well!

LDS readers will be interested to note that BYU Professor William Hamblin will be giving a paper at this symposium (see below).  This is very exciting, as Prof. Hamblin has done a ton of outstanding work on the Temple. I am very excited to hear what he has to say! I am also very much looking forward to hearing from Margaret Barker (as always) and also Paul Joyce (from Oxford).

(FYI, LDS speakers at past symposiums include: John Welch, John Hall, and Rick Huchel)

The following is the program for this symposium, including the stellar line-up of speakers.

The Temple Hidden in the Bible

Please note there will be a short comfort break after each session.

From 9.30: Registration and coffee or juice

10.00: Welcome

10.10: Dr Scott Mandelbrote, Cambridge: Images of the Temple in Early Printed Bibles.

11.15: Dr Margaret Barker: The Temple Hidden in Kings and Chronicles

12.15: Dr Paul Joyce, Oxford: The Hidden Temple in Ezekiel


2.00: Dr David Shepherd, Chester: Temple and Messiah in the Targum of Isaiah

3.00: Dr William Hamblin, Provo: The Hidden Temple in John 17.

4.00 Wine or juice.

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