Mormon singles are apparently novel enough to warrant an entire article in The Washington Post. Entitled, "Church for single Mormons in Crystal City comes with pressure to marry" by Michelle Boorstein ran May 28, 2011.

This suggests something extraordinary, but it isn't. There are three congregations for singles in the Washington D. C. area and they now have their own chapel. If there were fewer congregations they would have to share the building with traditional, family congregations. Nothing unusual going on here.

The article does touch on the intense pressure to get married when you are a Mormon single. I'm not going to downplay this. The pressure IS intense.

It also touches on a tradition amongst the singles in the area to attend a Memorial Day party exclusively for Mormon singles. When I was interning in Washington D.C. and attending one of these singles' congregations, the Memorial Day tradition was occurring then. No, I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was.

Apparently, a film maker is documenting this annual ritual held yearly at "Duck Beach." No word on when the film will be done but one commentator has christened it a "Duckumentory." See the embedded video and widget below and/or the link for more information about the film.

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