In a prior posting, I covered the new Joseph Smith Papers web site. It is time to shine a spotlight on this site again because it will be formally launched this weekend. From the article, "Joseph Smith Papers website debuts" in Mormon Times:
The new site,, will be formally unveiled at a Friday afternoon session of the Mormon History Association Conference in St. George, Utah, by Elder Marlin K. Jensen, LDS Church historian and recorder, and three of his associates in the Church History Department.
The web site is intended to take prominence over the published volumes:
Indeed, all of the Prophet's papers will eventually be published on the website, amounting to some 2,500 unique documents, said R. Eric Smith, production manager. These will be viewable on the screen with a photographic image of the manuscript document on one side and a transcription of that document on the other side.
The digital version will have advantages over the hard copy version:
Of course, with computer technology, the Joseph Smith Papers content is electronically searchable with speed and convenience not possible in a printed volume, with links from text to glossary terms, biographical notes, place names, etc.
"It's the same information as in the printed volumes but available at the click of a mouse rather than having to look to the back of the book," Smith noted.
People who have claimed that the Church is secretive about our Church history will have much less to complain about when this project is finished.

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