Today was the fateful day. Previously, I mentioned that Rooster Junior had been called to serve his mission in the great state of Texas. Today, he was scheduled to enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah.  He was so ready to go, but was a bit nervous as well.  We took a lot of pictures....much to his chagrin, but I will only share a few here. 

The above scene is as you drive into the Missionary Training Center. They greet you, put a colored post-it note on your windshield and then ask you to pull forward. As you drive along the road above, they direct you to a specific place to pull to the curb.  As you do so, you are met by several Elder's with a "Host" tag. 

The luggage is unloaded.

Hugs were given and sweet words of love and appreciation are shared.

Finally, the "Host" Elders lead your beloved missionary away from the curb and into the Missionary Training Center.  You then drive away, wiping your tears along the way. 

Oh, and I found the following to be a funny "Only in Utah" moment.

Here our son is loading his bags into the trunk. Take a look over his right shoulder between the trees......can you see the sign?

Here is a better view of the sign. Today, our neighbors are welcoming their missionary son home.  Isn't life funny?

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