I have had some very strange compliments in my lifetime. Here they are, in order:

1. "You have well-developed calf muscles."
2. "Nice ankles!"
3. "I admire you because you never mix your metaphors."

I've received some very strange compliments about Mormons, but none stranger than, "They know their way around a chainsaw."

If this conjures up image from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre you need to think again. It is actually referring to to Mormon Helping Hands after the Alabama tornadoes.
Jacob Hamilton of Pleasant Grove said a group of 15 Mormon volunteers came to his yard Saturday afternoon and asked if he needed help removing fallen trees. He signed a waiver and the crew did in one hour what it would have taken him days to get done, he said.
The only way he knew who they were was by their yellow shirts that had the "Mormon Helping Hands" logo above the words Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
"They never tried to tell me about their Mormon faith," said Hamilton, who attends a Baptist church. The volunteers also helped clear fallen trees for numerous other people in his tornado-ravaged neighborhood. "The Mormons were just going door to door," he said. "It was a great blessing. They know their way around a chainsaw."
In all fairness, the Mormons were only one of several faith based groups to assist. According to the article, "Alabama tornado victims get volunteer help from Mormons to Baptists":
Faith groups have played a major part in tornado relief, said Julie Wright, director of operations for the Greater Birmingham Area Command for the Salvation Army, an evangelical denomination that the largest church-run worldwide disaster relief program.

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