By now, everyone knows that Marie Osmond married her first husband again, this time in the Las Vegas Temple. She married him the first time in the Salt Lake Temple. I remember she married her second husband, Brian Blosil in the Jordan River Temple. It is my understanding that she was both married and sealed to her husbands.

So, what does this mean? Being "married" and being "sealed" are different procedures. Usually they occur together but not always. When they occur together we usually say they are "married for time and all eternity." If a couple first get married civilly then they are married for time only. They can later be "sealed" in the temple for time and eternity. Also, a marriage for time only can take place in the temple.

In order for Marie Osmond to be married and sealed each time, the first sealing to Steve Craig would have to have been dissolved in addition to the legal divorce. That allowed her to be married and sealed to second husband Brian Blosil. In order to be married and sealed a third time, the sealing to Blosil would have to be dissolved in addition to a legal divorce.

Dissolving a temple marriage/sealing is a separate procedure from the legal divorce. The divorce is governed by law. Dissolving the temple sealing is governed by the Church. There is a procedure for it. Basically, it takes paperwork and approval. The particulars can change over time.

Marie's remarriage/sealing to her first husband again in Las Vegas could not have occurred without the paperwork and approval. So, it has been in the works for a while at least. It may be Vegas, but the temple is not a Mormon version of the "Vegas wedding chapel."

One other thing people may notice about Marie's wedding is that it was a small family event. Temple weddings/sealings usually are. In Mormondom, the reception is usually the big event. I don't mean to infer that the reception is more important. The reception, open house, party or whatever is where family, friends and such celebrate the event.

Mormons care more that the wedding takes place in a temple than they care whether they themselves can be physically present at the wedding itself. I've only been present at a handful of temple weddings, all for close family members.

None of my family members were present either for my marriage or my sealing. Why? Because I'm ornery . . .

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