In prior postings I've covered movies made by Mormons for Mormons and movies made by the Church. I'm not sure what to call the list by Time. The article entitled, "10 Memorable Depictions of Mormons in Pop Culture" contains the most bizarre list I've ever seen. It spans from 1887 to the present day. Some selections, like "Big Love," do not accurately profile Mormons at all but ancient off-shoots. If modern polygamists are off-shoot splinter Mormons then Lutherans are off-shoot splinter Catholics. Time probably cares little about accuracy though.

Pride & Prejudice, formerly titled Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-day Comedy, is probably one of the more well-known efforts. I've embedded the trailer above if you are unfamiliar with the movie. Time notes that it is available on Amazon but not Netflix. I found it on Netflix though, so much for Time accuracy. Time notes:
They earn more at the box office than most American independent features but are rarely reviewed by secular critics;
It goes on to describe this type of Mormon fare as "ghetto cinema for white people." Maybe the name will catch on. One can only guess.

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