In a prior posting I discussed the movies that are made about Mormons largely by Mormons, "Mollywood" in other words. Today's posting is about the movies the Church makes.

For the first time, the Church is making a full-length movie available online. Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, the premier movie playing at the Legacy Theater on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, is premiering online. I've embedded it above and the link is hereYou can also read about the film and how it was reworked and reedited for it's online debut. Even if you have seen it before, this version is different.

The Church has been in the movie business for a long time. Currently The LDS Motion Picture Studio under the Church's Media Services creates the movies. The Encyclopedia of Mormonism gives a nice history of Church movie making.

The Church operates the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah. You can find out about their current projects, see answers to frequently asked questions or join the talent base. You could be cast in an upcoming film.

It looks like most future efforts will be coordinated through the Church's new Create web site. I'm wondering if their blog site and Facebook page are going to be shut down. Also, see their widget on the bottom of this post.

After the movies are done, naturally they are available to purchase from the Church's Online Store. They are generally $4.50 or a bit more. All are reasonably priced.

Some movies are available for viewing online or even downloading. Of course, many of the movies are just shorts, like Mormon Messages,  that are available to watch online, on YouTube or on iTunes.

The movie Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration is the only full-length movie available online. It is not available for purchase although the older version of it is available on the Doctrine and Covenants Visual Resource DVDs which is available for purchase.

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