LDSTech reports that about half of the 17,000 LDS Church meetinghouses around the world already have Internet connections. Many more will get connected in the near future.

The article states, “It’s clear that the Internet has become an important part of communication in the Church – not just for clerk software (such as Member Leader Services), but also for teaching the gospel, helping individuals with provident living, doing family history and temple work, administering in the Church, and ministering to those in need. In areas where members are remotely located, the Internet also reduces burdens related to travel and cost for meetings and training.”

Having all the meetinghouses connected to the Internet opens new doors to how the Church can communicate quickly and efficiently with leaders in every ward and branch. It also opens new possibilities in how the Church can provide information and materials to auxiliary leaders, teachers, and individual members.

What ideas do you have in how the Church can use these new technologies productively? For example,

  • How could an Internet connection enhance teaching the gospel?
  • How could it help in doing family history and temple work?
  • How could it help in administering in the Church more efficiently?
  • How could it help in ministering to those in need?

Here are some articles you may be interested in reading to start brainstorming:

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