I was at Whole Foods last night to do a little market research on green packaging. Was also planning on using their salad bar as dinner. Unfortunately, the music was so unpleasant, in the sense of offensive lyrics, that I left with just a small purchase and skipped the meal and other things I would have bought. One lengthy song, obviously written by a politician who just kept saying the same ridiculous and offensive things over and over, was about sex. OK, that's been common for many years, but this song was just too detailed and the singer wasn't so stoned that all the words were garbled like in the good old days. You didn't have to speculate about what was being said and look up the lyrics online to figure out the meaning of the song. (Note to rock stars: If you're going to sing dirty while sober, at least have bad diction and bad sound equipment so we don't have to hear every word.)

Then the next song came on with another singer with crisp diction and high-quality recording equipment. Is this some kind of trend? His song was about a woman taking her dress off. Not as raunchy as the first, but not wholesome. The male singer was also a politician. Over and over and over....

Is it too much to expect a grocery store to play music that parents (OK, maybe some parents) don't have to shield their children from? Sure, they are going to hear it out there in the unwholesome world we live in, but I wish Wholesome Foods would not be one of those sources of unwholesome music.

Maybe the CEO will announce a new partnership with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Cool. Then I'll be back for dinner.
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