This image, and others, are made available to anyone who needs images to describe the Church and it's teachings. (Having gone through library school, I am much more conscientious about following copyright laws.) So, I am delighted to publish, on my blog, one of my favorite images of Christ. I have a framed image of this picture hanging in my home and have since 1990.

This image is of Christ in Gethsemane where we believe the process of the Atonement began. Here is a succinct statement on the Atonement from the Church's Newsroom:
The ransom paid by Jesus Christ, through His suffering in Gethsemane and His death on the cross, which nullifies the effects of sin. Christ’s atonement allows everyone to be resurrected. For those who repent of their sins, it also opens the way to continued growth and progression through the eternities.

I love the image above. I think it is a more positive image than so many of the depressing, and sometimes disturbing, images of Christ on the cross. Those images of Christ have their place, I just don't like a steady diet of them or the constant imagery on structures and other things.

For more information on how Mormons view Jesus Christ visit this web site.

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