A few years ago, I wrote an article “What is RSS?” If you don’t understand RSS (Really Simple Syndication), also called “web feeds,” you may want to read that article first.

This article explains how the LDS Church is providing RSS feeds and how you can use them to receive regularly-updated content such as audio, video, and text.

Feeds contain titles, short descriptions, and hyperlinks to the full article or web page referenced. New content and links in the feeds are updated automatically so you don’t need to constantly visit a website looking for new content.

To use feeds, you will need a news reader or feed aggregator that will collect, and display the content, such as Google Reader. For feeds that contain MP3 files or other media files (often called podcasts), you’ll need a music program like iTunes to subscribe to and listen to the files.

The Church and Podcasts and RSS Feeds

A lot of text, audio, and video content posted to Church websites are available as RSS feeds.


Subscribe to the following RSS feeds by clicking a link below.


Subscribe to the following audio podcast feeds by clicking a link below.


Subscribe to the following video podcast feeds by clicking a link below.


Subscribe to the following web feeds via e-mail by clicking a link below.


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