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It's hard to believe, but in just a month it is time for General Conference again.  I look forward to this every 6 months! 

I just received a notice that LDS Resources has published a link for a packet that is aimed at youth, young adults and adults. (Wow, I might not have to play Conference Bingo this time!).  Here is a quote from John Webster of LDS Resources:

"This General Conference Packet is designed to assist older youth (as well as adults) get the most out of General Conference. It is designed to have a Pre-Conference Activity as well as Post-Conference Activity. This is not just simply something to do during General Conference to past time, but to sincerely listen to the prophets and apply their counsel in our personal lives. It is a personal improvement activity."
It appears that the intention is to not only prepare and take notes, but also include this information into you journal.

Here is the link for "The General Conference Journal Notebook".

Check it out today!

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