Yes, this really is my telephone.  We have one in our kitchen and a handset in another part of the house.  You may be wondering why I bring up something as commonplace as a telephone.  There are a couple of reasons why.

We have had a very busy  Some areas of our state have been without power for periods of time.  Without power, this phone does not work....and it's really difficult to power-up your cellphone when your home has gone dark.

Secondly, it is a wireless handset, as is your cellphone.  I read with interest during the crisis in Egypt that the ruling power stopped Cellular service and Internet service.  Now, I know my cellphone wouldn't work under those circumstances, but I wonder if my land line phone would either.

So, I went shopping at the local Ace Hardware store....with the "helpful hardware man" (who I know very well..)  They had this very basic phone. 

These are the contents of the box.  Just a basic handset, and the associated cords. Yes, it is like stepping back in time....but the key word here is 'functional'. 

It requires AA batteries, if I want caller ID....we will see. 

We have thought about getting rid of our land line at times, but we still have business machines that need to access it will be with us for a longer period of time.  So, for just over $10.00, I have peace of mind that I can call during a power outage or during an emergency if cellular service were not to be available.  After all, only a few of the 'chicks' still live with me...and I want to know that I can get in touch with them and our other family and friends if need be.   

This is just something to decide!

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