That question is bogus. I can't think of one superhero who chose his power. It was something inside him - a set of conditions thrust upon him by forces far outside his own control - and it happened with or without his consent.

But, along with super speed or an incredible intellect, superheroes have something that, from my perspective, is worth far more than their superpowers. The greatest superheroes take their personal circumstances, overcome their weaknesses, and focus on their strengths. And once they find their own strengths, they begin to serve others, eventually developing a deep and abiding love for the people they serve.

If I had incredible speed, I'd probably be a runner, and try to find a way to share the gospel through my fame. I'd change the world through music if I could entrance with my voice or song lyrics. I'd wow people with my super strength and find ways to serve others with invulnerability or the ability to fly.

But I don't have any of those things. I'm just a normal Mormon guy, living a normal Mormon life. And yet, deep inside me, I feel like I'm destined for something far more than being a normal Mormon guy. Deep inside, I know that I am a son of God, and that He has sent me here to play a part in the history of the world... which is way better than being a superhero.

God gave me gifts, with the injunction to develop them so that I could bless the lives of others. He gave me the seeds of superpowers - gifts uniquely tailored to me and my needs.

I don't have superhuman speed. I do have the ability to love people and, sometimes, to truly empathize with them because I understand their pain. I can't jump tall buildings in even a hundred bounds. I can write and articulately share my feelings with others. I don't have X-ray vision. I can see the hand of God all around me in life, and I can share that with the people in the world. When I'm having a good day, I see the good in everything. And when I'm having a rough day, I can see the lessons that life teaches on every side. 

I'm not sure if Marvel will ever trademark a character named after me, but the Lord has given me enough powers or gifts to do my part to save the world. Being attracted to guys plays a part in those gifts, as does everything in my life. The real question is not "What superpower would you have to help save the world?" but "How will you use the cards you have been given to help save the world?" 

I am endowed with the seeds of divinity - promising me a destiny far beyond superheroes. Whether I attain that destiny is dependent on how I live my life - as a superhero, trying to find ways to love and serve others, or as just another guy.
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