Previously, I highlighted Deuce Lutui, an NFL player, for using his power as a sports figure to assist the Church in Arizona. Brandon Osmond, son of Donny Osmond made the news in Scotland recently because of his mission there several years ago. Why? Because his influence is still being felt in the area.

The news article entitled, "Mormons to build place of worship at Mintlaw: Osmond son helped swell ranks of followers in area"
The Mormon Church is opening a new base in the north-east after the Osmond family proved they still have the power to draw a crowd.
Brandon Osmond, the son of 1970s pop sensation Donny, helped fuel a major expansion in the north-east congregation when he visited the area several years ago.
Now, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as it is officially known, has won permission to create a new place of worship at Mintlaw. . . . It won outline planning permission six years ago when Mr Osmond was working in Elgin as part of his missionary training.
Not everyone can be famous and not everyone wants to be. Who can deny that having a famous surname resulted in increased interest in the Church in this little piece of Scotland?

As I pointed out in the Lutui posting, Osmond could have damaged the Church also.

I'm not suggesting Osmond did all this single-handedly. Church growth is always a group effort. I imagine his famous surname has caused him some unique problems.

You can find out more about Brandon Osmond in this Mormon Times article and his other online sites.

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