For the first few months of (Gay) Mormon Guy's existence, many new readers took the plunge into understanding my life by reading all my back posts. "I finally finished reading all your posts..." was a common preface to emails and comments. As time has gone on, and I've kept posting (for better or worse), reading the entire blog to understand who I am has become daunting for any but the most heroic of readers.

So I've decided to make an index of all the posts I've written, with markings to indicate my favorites for newcomers. It's sort of like an annotated summary of everything that has happened, with links to each post in the body of the text - and hopefully, collectively, the entries explain my perspective enough that the bar of understanding my blog is lowered beneath the ordeal of reading everything I write.

Without further ado, the annotated index; my favorite/unique entries are bold. You can also reach the index by selecting "Post Index" along the top...

The Index
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