I have a long acquaintance with the standard sorts of Mormon silliness (Howdy, Glen Beck! Hey, guy in the mirror!). But I keep finding new niche varieties. LDS nudism, for example. Yes, there are Mormons out there dedicating time and energy to naked codswallop, using the internet to enforce a self-important group identity, and generally convinced that they aren’t just part of a doleful and meaningless niche.

Meanwhile, in other backwaters of the internet, we find a handful of unitarians and secular humanists who call themselves Mormon, apparently because in addition to not really believing in God, they also don’t really believe in Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the LDS Church.

These extreme liberal Mormons, so-called, may be physically clothed (deo gratia), but they are hanging their flabby beliefs out all over the place. They are mental skinny dippers and doctrinal nudists. They deserve our compassion. Their project deserves our scorn.

To Mormon nudists of all kinds: put some clothes on.

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