A truly nauseau-inducing pun is appropriate for a truly nauseau-inducing series of articles on America’s porn addiction. No punches pulled, so click with care.

The articles suggest what the prophets have already told us–porn damages relationships, distorts sexuality, and tenfold for the youth.

The real eye-opener for me, father of girls that I am, is the sense that you need to worry about young women being pressured to produce porn for their acquaintances as much as you need to worry about young men being exposed to it. There are times and places to turn the boys on; cellphone pics aren’t it.

President Monson talked about it being easier to be a 100% than a 98%. This might be one of those times where being harsh and Amish is better than trying to find a ‘reasonable’ compromise. Parents should prayerfully consider whether they let their next generation have cellphones and such at all.

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