I've been neglecting putting the great things I've found up on this blog, and was just throwing everything up on Facebook, but I'd rather start back linking the gems I find on here. One blog that has been absolutely an eye-opener for me has been one called "Father Thy Will Be Done" by the amazing Rosabella Knightly. Her work on the underlying dangers of the New Age "religion" and the self-help books that have grown out of it is thorough, massive, and highly enlightening (I started with one called "Law of Attraction and Luciferianism"). Lots to read there, do spend some time checking it out! One place to start is a post on a recent Ensign piece by R. Kim Davis called "Are the so-called New-Age spiritual beliefs opposed to Christ?" under the "I have a question" section. Rosabella also served as a consultant to Wendie L. Edwards on her latest Millenial Glory book, "Adam-Ondi-Ahman." Thanks so much, Rosabella, for all your work and for sharing it!
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