Outsiders don't really need to understand all the controversies we Mormons discuss amongst ourselves concerning the movies that get made by us, about us and for us. These are all distinct categories by the way.

However, in honor of the upcoming LDS Film Festival, I feel like I ought to make a few remarks complete with a few links.

I've never heard Mormon cinema referred to as "Mollywood" but according to Wikipedia, this does occur. There is a reasonably nice list of Mormon movies on it. I think it is worth checking out. Just a caution, you won't find the Twilight  movies on any of these lists.

The go-to place for all information about Mormons in movies is LDSFilm.com. I think it is especially useful for the biographies you can find there. Non-Mormons may be surprised at how long the list is.

The LDS Film Festival is now well established and will take place January 25-29, 2011 in Orem, Utah. The featured film is Midway to Heaven.

The Special Screenings look quite interesting. I like films by T. C. Christensen, especially Treasure in Heaven: The John Tanner Story and Only a Stonecutter. Also, I've been dying for someone to do a movie about Porter Rockwell so that would be an enticement for me. See this lengthy article in a local Utah paper for more information.

One of the most interesting efforts largely led by Mormons is Audience Alliance Pictures. It would take more than one posting to explain it so I'll just refer you to its web site.

I'll do a post about all the movies the Church itself makes. For now, I'll just refer you to where you can purchase them.

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