I just wanted to alert you to a piece that I recently posted over on the popular LDS-themed blog, The Millennial Star, called “Should We Expect to Find the Temple Ordinances as One Coherent Whole in the Scriptures? Revisiting the Question.”

This post was written as a response, or follow-up, to an old post by Ben Spackman. In my response to the question, I look at some theories regarding what was going on in the Temple of Solomon and suggested that these theories might lend support to the idea that there may have been a series of rituals in the ancient temple that would sound familiar to those who participate in the modern temple.

If you want to check it out, see here: http://www.millennialstar.org/should-we-expect-to-find-the-temple-ordinances-as-one-coherent-whole-in-the-scriptures-revisiting-the-question/

I have been invited to be a permablogger at Millennial Star, so please visit that site frequently to see what I’ve posted there, as well as all the other interesting topics that they frequently address.

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