If you gauge how important the Church considers certain callings by how much web space it devotes to them then you would have to give even more importance to callings that have their own official web site.

Well, Public Affairs is one of them and if you haven't found the web site yet it is time you checked it out:


Who is the public affairs specialist in your unit or in your stake? Do you even know? Do you even have one? My unit boasts a "Public Relations Person." Is that it? I don't know. My stake has a "Public Aff. Director." Maybe "Aff" stands for Affairs. Are they trying to avoid using the word "affairs"? I can only speculate.

Whatever the case is, the new web site is marvelous. It has a photo, music and video library that could be useful to any member and not just Public Affairs. In fact, this is where the Church has told us to get our resources for the International Video Contest. You knew that right?

The online store now boasts the Mormon Helping Hands insignia resources I've seen in news stories, but had no idea how to acquire. Maybe that's for the best, the instructions on using the logo and resources have specific uses only for public affairs.

I wish all callings came with this explicit of instructions.

They have even provided Public Affairs people with their own set of New Years' Resolutions.

The first resolution is something we all should keep in mind:
Resolve to remember with every program you plan, every activity you prepare, every article you pitch, and every interaction you propose that each is an opportunity to communicate and demonstrate our commitment to following Jesus Christ and doing the things He would do. Let this be your motivation and the measure of all your public affairs work, and you won’t go wrong.
Not a bad resolution for us all. 

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