BYU researchers released a study on Tuesday entitled "Compatibility or restraint? The effects of sexual timing on marriage relationships" [doi:10.1037/a0021690] that concludes, amongst other things, that delaying sex until marriage makes for better relationships.
Mormon-funded sex research has about as much merit as the Pope's pick for best abortion provider.
The quote above is hardly surprising, but people should not make a habit of rejecting research just because they don't personally agree with it. Since the study is being published in the American Psychological Association's Journal of Family Psychology more than just BYU's affiliation with the Church is at issue here.

To deny the study out of hand just because BYU researchers conducted it is just as short-sighted as accepting it because they didn't.

The Journal of Family Psychology is a peer-reviewed journal from a respectable organization. This means that after the study was conducted several outside scholarly professionals examined it to see if the research quality met high enough standards to be published and presented to other professionals. Others, with professional credentials, have vetted it. The Journal and the APA are now on the hook so to speak.

In other words, more than just Mormons are involved here.

Others are reporting on it as well.

There is plenty of coverage in the Utah press:

Research is research. It can be examined and reviewed. You don't have to take anyone's word for anything if you have the skills to examine the research yourself. If you don't then, well, you are dependent on others' opinions of it.

Intellectually slavery can be just as limiting as physical slavery.

The glory of God is intelligence . . .

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