The Little Red Hen's house has been invaded by 3 cute little grandson's......and Benson.  Who is Benson you ask?  He is a mischievous Elf who comes each year right after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve.  Then, when Santa comes, Benson goes back to the North Pole and works with Santa until the next Thanksgiving.  Now, this Benson is very inventive.  While everyone is sleeping, he gets into.....everything!  Once he had a snowball fight with cotton balls and the other stuffed animals. Another time he used the Christmas lights to repel from the Mantle down to the Hearth! Trust me, there are plenty of Benson stories to go around.

Well, this morning we found out that Benson got into something else!  Can you see what he did?

Keep looking closer.....

Have you figured it out yet?

He climbed up into the Advent calendar and hung some of the ornaments from his nose, feet and hand!  He even tipped the calendar off center!  It took the boys a little while to find him this morning as he was the same color as the Advent Calendar.  There were lots of cute laughs once Benson was found!

If you would like to learn more about the Magic Elf tradition, go to this link.  If you need ideas of "Elfcapades", go here.  This is a fun tradition that you could start next year.....and Grandparents....this is a fun one to share with your adult children and grandchildren.  We did 3 years ago and love hearing about all the mischief the Elves get into.

Try it! 

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