Well, I am trying to keep things merry for the Christmas season by avoiding hard hitting and controversial issues. It’s important to smile and be thankful during the holidays. In keeping with this sentiment, this brief blog is on a technological invention that provided a great boon to science - the printing press.

Here are a few of huge benefits:

1. The printing press made it possible for people to catalogue and disseminate scientific information so that others did not have to rediscover what had already been learned. 

2. People could read their own copies of the Bible and therefore come up with their own interpretation of scripture. This loosened the shackles that the Church had on the minds of people. With the printed word of God in their hands, people learned to think and discover truth for themselves.  

3. Printing made it possible for more people to get educated and carry out scientific experiments.

The discovery of the printing press was not without its drawbacks, however. Watch the short video below for an illustration of some of the problems that arose as the printing press grew in popularity.

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