In case you are not aware of it, BYU Professor William Hamblin has recently been doing some exciting new research on some interesting topics involving the New Testament.

The first is an exploration of the sign of the cross in ancient Israelite and early Christian temple symbolism (this is not strictly a “New Testament” study, but he brings it back to bear on the Christian use of the symbol of the cross). You can check it out at his website here.

He has also has begun an in-depth study of Jesus’ intercessory prayer found in John 17.  See it here.

Hamblin continues to produce timely and highly insightful research at an amazing pace. To keep up with all that he’s doing, I recommend checking his blog, Hamblin of Jerusalem, frequently.

Just FYI, I still have more notes to post from the Temple Studies Symposium. I’ll try to get them up soon.  On Friday, I head to Atlanta for the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting, so I should have lots more notes to share from that!

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