On November 9th, it is our wonderful Aprons, Aprons, Aprons! activity.
The patterns are on the front porch of the LRH's home, so please come and check them out ahead of time.
If you come with your fabric cut out, you should be able to finish one Apron before you leave on Tuesday!
(Don't you hate to start and project and take it home unfinished?)

Here are the different Aprons that you can choose from:

Dottie Apron

Ann Apron

Basic Chef Apron

Charolotte Apron
(It's reversible!)

(Here is the back view of the Charlotte Apron...pretty nice huh?)

We have wonderful Mentors who will be there to help you.  You will learn the following skills:
  • Straight Stitch seams
  • Top Stitching
  • Curved Seams (for Ann Apron)
  • Sewing and Turning a Corner
  • Applique (if you wish)

Be there at 6:30 p.m. with your fabric cut out along with your Ribbon and Thread. 
(The Relief Society will provide White thread only). 


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