I’ve been looking at my life recently, wondering how I could come closer to Christ. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my relationship with God. But part of that relationship is always trying to get better – never being willing to be complacent about anything. (Wow. I feel another blog post coming. Complacency…)

But back to the subject. My days are pretty normal. I wake up, maybe post comments here, work out, leave for the day, then come back between 4 – 5:30 to post some more comments, write a blog entry, maybe go on a date, read my scriptures, talk with family, do something in the evening, post the last set of comments and maybe write some replies, and go to sleep. Not a very majestic lifestyle.

It’s not that I want to do more – I mean, my life is just as busy as everyone else’s. I just want to find ways to do better things in life. For example – I really want to listen to all of General Conference a few more times. I watched President Packer’s talk again a few nights ago with a friend who hadn’t seen it, and I was amazed at how many things I had missed the first dozen times I watched, read, and listened to it. His message was truly inspired, full of hope and faith, and easily related to tons of trials in life. But I just haven’t made the time yet. I haven’t gotten around to putting it on something to take with me to the gym. And I don’t keep a set of headphones that I could use throughout the day to listen.

So I’ve decided. If I want to be able to liken the teachings of the prophets to my life, I need to have them on my mind and in my ears. It’s like the commitment to read the scriptures every day, without fail. I’ll just make the effort and the Lord will help me to find a way to keep it. I’ll load General Conference on to everything I have and take it with me throughout the day to listen whenever I have down time.

I have so many resources to turn to in life. So many things that the Lord has given me to help me grow and become a better person. So many sources of inspiration. I’m sure I can trade a few minutes of web-surfing or idle banter each day to listen to a prophet. When I do, I know the Lord will help me to find greater faith and understanding… by likening his words unto me.
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