This week, our focus is on stocking up...on Canned Meats.  Here, you see I have hit the local Caselot sale.  I use these for sandwiches, for soups, and sometimes casseroles.  I love the convenience of canned meats because the cooking has been done and they are ready at any time.

Also, in previous posts, I have shown you how to can your own meats.  Here are some links to help you see that this is really a simple process, and can be much less expensive than purchasing canned meats as above.  You should know me by now, I can't pay full price for anything without cause.  So, if I have purchased previously canned meats, you know they were because they were a screamin' deal.

Canned Chicken

Canned Hamburger

Now, I used some of my hamburger yesterday to make a Taco Soup.  Fast, easy, and delicious.  Just think about the time and delicious meals you can prepare for your family by having Canned Meats on hand!

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