I love the acoustics of the Tabernacle. And the hard benches. It makes it so much easier to hear the speakers and stay alert. I think I like it even better than sitting in the Conference Center itself - but maybe that's because I usually end up sitting on the sides anyway.

Either way, the inspiration I gained at General Conference was amazing, and already I am seeing a change in my life.

I went to conference wondering what to do with some of the pieces of my life. While I was there, a friend gave me some random, unsolicited advice. He had been driving down the street and felt strongly impressed to tell me to follow my dreams and do things that I love. The advice was well-timed, as today was easily one of the worse days in the last few weeks of my life. I'm in a rough situation right now, and I wondered whether I should stick it out through the pain or just leave. As I pondered the options in my mind, a third, better option came to mind. Try to fix the problem. Usually I don't push people. I don't ask for exceptions. But I felt this was important... so I sent an email - an email I probably would have never sent otherwise. But I sent it, and now the problem is that much closer to being fixed for me and the people who will follow in my footsteps.

I find that the Lord sees problems with a much broader perspective than I do. Where it may seem like an issue has only two solutions, He helps me think of a third. And His choice is almost always better. Where it seems like finding an answer is hopeless, He simply guides me in the direction I need to go. And when I feel like there's no reason to move forward, He lifts me and assures me that I am loved. Yeah, life is hard. And even following the guidance of the Lord, it's hard. It may even be harder. But it's worth it... because it changes my life every single day.
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