On Sunday, an LDS bishop was shot and killed in Visalia, California. He was in his office after the three-hour block of meetings when a man asked to see him. He entered the bishop’s office and shot the bishop in the foot, then pulled him into the foyer and shot him in the face. The man was later fatally shot by police. (See Deseret News story.)

Bishop Clay Sannar and his wife have 6 boys, including a 6-month-old infant. This has been on my mind since I heard the news. But a man in Utah who had never met Bishop Sannar did something about it. He spent a few minutes and set up an online fundraiser to help support Bishop Sannar’s family (see tinyurl.com/sannar).

The power of social media and the goodwill of good people: within 24 hours, people had donated over $26,000. The total is now nearly $56,000.

Click here to lend your support to: Help Bishop Sannar

Here are two news reports about how Connor Boyack responded by setting up the fundraiser: story 1, story 2.

Here’s a comment someone left on Connor’s Facebook page: “Connor, thanks so much for setting this up. In times like these, we all feel the need to do something to help in any way we can. You’ve provided a way for many of us to do that. Thanks so much. It has been inspiring and humbling to see so many good people rally together for this. It is a wonderful reminder that there are still so much kindness and compassion in the world.”

It’s my hope that we can use the technology that God has inspired to be created to do good things for others like this.

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